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Oliver Peoples Coleridge OV 1186 5039 Antique Gold Sunglasses

July 28, 2016

Just as they say “beauty lies in simplicity” which is what we can say about this breath taking design of Oliver Peoples Coleridge OV 1186 5039 sunglasses. The secrete to looking fabulous is knowing your style and how to compliment it, no doubt this eyeglasses will not only complete but compliment you look and style. The Oliver Peoples OV 1186 5039 features a vintage inspired frame with round lenses. We said simple design, right? But there is more attention to detail in the design than you can imagine. The Oliver Peoples Coleridge eyeglasses features a quality full rim metal frame complimented by the variations of antique metal detailing which gives the eyeglasses that vintage design look. The eyeglasses have a...

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Christian Dior Technologic TVCAF Matte Dark Blue White Sunglasses

July 28, 2016

Futuristic look and classic aviator silhouette, the Dior Technologic Sunglasses are just perfect. You sure will get the best out of this iconic shades with their unique shape and light weight. Creating sunglasses takes creativity and craftsmanship, with Christion Dior Technologic TVCAF Sunglasses; it is even more, the design is totally out of the box with its open worked frame crated into the contemporary pantos shape holding the classic aviator lenses to make the sunglasses even awesome. Dior actually put everything we love into these sunglasses. As the lenses it the heart of any sunglass, Christion Dior never compromise safety with style when making her sunglasses lenses, the same goes with Technologic TVCAF. Dior Technologic Sunglasses have an aviator shaped...

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Glasses Size Guide

If you already own a pair of glasses and they fit you well, you could check the ones you have to see a rough idea of the size you are needing or if you saw something in a store you liked, just write down the size if it fit you well.

Usually, the size is written in 3 consecutive numbers, the first 2 numbers are 2 digits and the last a 3 digit number, this is usually on the inside of the temples, like this 58-16-145

All measurements are in millimeters. It only has the numbers on the frames, but it'll be like this 58mm-16mm-145mm

The first number is always the eye size (width of one lens) so the lens size would be 58mm

The second is the bridge (nose part) width, so the bridge would be 16mm

The third is the temple length, this is the total length if it were straighten out, as all glasses are bent near the end to wrap around your ear. So the temple length is 145mm