Why Oakley's are Awesome

You might have heard that Oakley's are awesome, but do you truly know why? You may know some things, but maybe not everything, so let's dive into the world of Oakley's and find out the real reasons why Oakley's are so highly rated. 

Oakley's High Definition Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are extremely important in protecting yourself from the suns glare. Extremely useful in outdoor sports, like fishing, it helps cut down glare enabling you to see fish & rocks below the water surface. With golfers, helps reduce performance killing distractions from the glare from flat areas, bunkers & water hazards. Driving in glare can be risky, glare can cause eye fatigue and also hide potholes and many other dangers on the road.

But glare doesn't discriminate, if your a sport champion, weekend warrior or some who just enjoys the sun. Oakley's HD Polarized lenses are for everyone.



Made Unlike the Rest

Oakley's HD polarized lenses uses a precise infusion molding process which produce one comprehensive, single layered lens. Unlike like most other polarized lenses which use bonded glue, which can both diminish clarity and exaggerates distortion. But with Oakley's you'll always have the clearest vision.


Impact Protection

Oakley lenses are both tested for both extreme high-mass & high-velocity impacts. They pass with flying colors, Oakley's can withstand many kind of impacts insuring your eyes are always safe. Part of the secret is Oakley's Plutonite lens material which also protects you from every wavelength of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Not just the lower energy form known as UVA.


Frame Materials

O Matter : One of the most commonly used material on Oakley frames, the O Matter material is extremely lightweight & durably tough. Also being very flexible, so durability will never be an issue, ever.

C-5 Alloy : Oakley sought out 5 of the toughest & lightest compounds around and combined them together to make the C-5 Alloy material.

Titanium : One of the worlds most dependable material, you can see why Oakley uses it on their frames. Extremely lightweight too.

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Oakley's are awesome! Oakley provides unrivaled performance & technical brilliance. This philophy has led them to create the very best engineered eyewear on the planet! With over 600 patents, Oakley is where physics meets art and you won't be disappointed owning a pair of your very own Oakley's.


Glasses Size Guide

If you already own a pair of glasses and they fit you well, you could check the ones you have to see a rough idea of the size you are needing or if you saw something in a store you liked, just write down the size if it fit you well.

Usually, the size is written in 3 consecutive numbers, the first 2 numbers are 2 digits and the last a 3 digit number, this is usually on the inside of the temples, like this 58-16-145

All measurements are in millimeters. It only has the numbers on the frames, but it'll be like this 58mm-16mm-145mm

The first number is always the eye size (width of one lens) so the lens size would be 58mm

The second is the bridge (nose part) width, so the bridge would be 16mm

The third is the temple length, this is the total length if it were straighten out, as all glasses are bent near the end to wrap around your ear. So the temple length is 145mm