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November 04, 2016

Maui Jim Sunglasses Sale

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October 26, 2016

Persol PO 8649S 95/71 Black Sunglasses

Persol PO 8649S 95/71 Black Sunglasses

A sunglass that will top up any style, specially designed and detailed for trend setter men and those in the known. Persol PO 8649S 95/71 is that sunglass that will win your heart the moment you put it on. Persol PO 8649-S sunglasses features a well styled full rim frame that house Persol very own high optics gradient lenses. Persol PO 8649S sunglasses are designed to offer the best and most convenient experiences a sunglass can offer, putting a lot of work into making a durable and yet light weight frame that will last.

Persol PO 8649S 95/71 Sunglasses have a well- structured smooth teardrop shaped lenses that create full coverage and optimum eye protection. Persol PO 8649S sunglasses comes with gradient lenses that tend to shield the eye from all sort of harmful ultraviolent rays while improving clarity and depth perception. The lenses are made with high optical technology to ensure a clear and comfortable vision over a range of distance and in any light condition. Persol PO 8649-S sunglasses have an anti-reflective filter within the lens that cut down reflective glare to minimum and enhancing clarity which makes the sunglasses perfect for all sorts of occasions from casual use to professional.

Persol PO 8649S 95/71 feature a sleek and unique full rim frame design made from high quality acetate and fine polished metal. The frame design is quite simple but elegant, the polished metal frame material goes half way round the Persol PO 8649S 95/71 lenses and connect with acetate at the lens top. The two lenses are joined with another polished well-structured nose bridge. To ensure a perfect fit and all day wearing comfort, Persol throws in a well-functioning adjustable silicon nose pads. The sunglasses have the custom Persol temples with all its details. The temples have the Persol silver arrow Signature that run from the acetate part of the frame-front to the hinge, the sunglasses also have two metal rings on temples which gives it the unique and classic feeling. The temples inner part has Persol custom stamp logo insignia on them and the right temple carries the metallic “Persol” custom Signature logo for authentication. 

Designed with high quality acetate and ultra-thin fine polished metal to ensure good quality frame, frame that last, durable frame and also light weight frame. And the lenses made with latest optical technology to offer comfortable vision through any light condition. Persol PO 8649S 95/71 Sunglasses is made perfect for all occasions with its sleek design and gradient lenses. Buy your 100% authentic Persol PO 8649S 95/71 Sunglasses now at www.eyeheartshades.com in a safe way and at the best price offer you can’t get anywhere. Your purchase comes with all the original Persol accessories including; Persol Box, Persol Case, Persol Cloth, Persol Booklets and Persol PO 8649S 95/71 Sunglasses.



October 20, 2016

Maui Jim Hang Ten MJ 296-20A & MJ 296-02F Sunglasses

Buy Maui Jim Hang Ten sunglasses

Maui Jim Hang Ten sunglasses are design to complete any style and give you that elegant look you need. Another sunglasses collection from the house of Maui Jim, the Maui Jim Hang Ten 10 MJ 296-20A and Maui Jim Hang Ten 10 MJ 296-02F features full rim frame and double nose bridge which gives the sunglasses a strong appearance. The Maui Jim Hang Ten sunglasses are made comfortable to wear with the adjustable nose pad and the light weight acetate and monel metal frame material used in crafting the frame.

Has they say, lens is the heart of sunglasses_ because it’s the lens that differentiate ordinary eye frames from sunglasses. Maui Jim make sure its Hang Ten sunglasses carries the best lenses to face any light condition out there. Hang Ten sunglasses lenses are made polarized using the Polarized Plus 2 technology, which cut down glare to the minimum. Using the latest patented lens technology to make the lenses on Hang Ten 10 sunglasses series, the sunglasses offer the best clarity and vision comfort in any outdoor light condition. The sunglasses lenses also features the new multi-layer lens design which protect the eye from all sorts of UV rays and blue light, making Maui Jim Hang Ten 10 MJ 296-20A and Maui Jim Hang Ten 10 MJ 296-02F sunglasses suitable for any occasions like those sunny days outside, hiking, fishing or a day at the beach.

Maui Jim Hang Ten sunglasses frame is made perfect, the frame front is made from thin Monel metals that wraps around the lenses and join an acetate frame material on the lens top. The sunglasses frame has a double nose bridge and a functioning adjustable nose pads that makes it balance well on any face. Maui Jim Hang Ten temples are made from high gloss acetate material; the temples are well- structured with nice wave texture on the inner pert of the temples. Maui Jim Hang Ten have the Maui Jim signature printing on the temples inner part and “Maui Jim” metal logo on both temples for authenticity.

Maui Jim Hang Ten 10 MJ 296-20A and Maui Jim Hang Ten 10 MJ 296-02F sunglasses are built to serve your eyes and match your style. With the frame made from high quality acetate material and monel metal, which give the sunglasses the light weight that offer all day wearing comfort and the adjustable node pads the offer a tailored fit wearing comfort. The Hang Ten 10 MJ 296-20A have a Bronze frame colore, blended with HCL Bronze color lenses while Maui Jim Hang Ten 10 MJ 296-02F sunglasses have a Gunmetal frame Color with Neutral Gray Lens Color_ design to match your image. Maui Jim Hang Ten sunglasses are available for purchase at www.eyeheartshades.com with 100% Authenticity guaranteed and at amazing price offer. All your Maui Jim Hang Ten sunglasses purchases comes with authentic accessories like; Maui Jim Case, Maui Jim Cleaning Cloth, Maui Jim Booklet, Maui Jim Hang Ten Sunglasses.
July 28, 2016

Oliver Peoples Coleridge OV 1186 5039 Antique Gold Sunglasses

Just as they say “beauty lies in simplicity” which is what we can say about this breath taking design of Oliver Peoples Coleridge OV 1186 5039 sunglasses. The secrete to looking fabulous is knowing your style and how to compliment it, no doubt this eyeglasses will not only complete but compliment you look and style. The Oliver Peoples OV 1186 5039 features a vintage inspired frame with round lenses.

We said simple design, right? But there is more attention to detail in the design than you can imagine. The Oliver Peoples Coleridge eyeglasses features a quality full rim metal frame complimented by the variations of antique metal detailing which gives the eyeglasses that vintage design look. The eyeglasses have a perfect adjustable silicon nose pads that create perfect fit and give more wearing comfort. Oliver Peoples make sure the Coleridge OV 1186 eyeglasses frame come out perfect by make the frame Handcrafted from custom shades and drop in finishing touches with engraved filigree design on the temples hinge to bring out that vintage inspired detail of the eyeglasses and complete the temple with Oliver Peoples Custom embossed logo insignia at the temple tip to assures authenticity.

It’s a double win with Oliver Peoples OV 1186 5039 eyeglasses, as the frame comes with simplify round Oliver Peoples embossed Clear Demo lenses which means more flexibility. You can change the Clear Demo lenses on the eyeglasses to your prescription lenses making Coleridge OV 1186 eyeglasses even suitable for professional use.

Be it casual or professional use, you are good to go with Oliver Peoples Coleridge OV 1186 eyeglasses. Design with high quality material, Oliver Peoples Coleridge OV 1186 eyeglasses are built strong and made to last. Oliver Peoples Coleridge OV 1186 eyeglasses are available in color 5039 antique gold and other color that will match your image at www.eyeheartshades.com in best price you can ever get. The original package Oliver Peoples Coleridge OV 1186 eyeglasses include; custom Oliver Peoples Case, Oliver Peoples Cleaning Cloth, Oliver Peoples Booklet and the Oliver Peoples Coleridge OV 1186 Eyeglasses. Buy now at easy and safe way with Eye Heart Shades and enjoy discounted price offer on products you buy.

Oliver Peoples Coleridge OV 1186 5039 have a distinctive shape and subtly angled that sure will balance your style and compliment your face. Oliver Peoples make sure you get the best experience with the eyeglasses by making the from slender metal to achieve light weight frame, giving you an embossed Clear Demo lenses for you to easily change to your prescription lenses and making it simple and yet fabulous to make it blend in perfectly in your professional environment.

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July 28, 2016

Christian Dior Technologic TVCAF Matte Dark Blue White Sunglasses

Futuristic look and classic aviator silhouette, the Dior Technologic Sunglasses are just perfect. You sure will get the best out of this iconic shades with their unique shape and light weight. Creating sunglasses takes creativity and craftsmanship, with Christion Dior Technologic TVCAF Sunglasses; it is even more, the design is totally out of the box with its open worked frame crated into the contemporary pantos shape holding the classic aviator lenses to make the sunglasses even awesome. Dior actually put everything we love into these sunglasses.

As the lenses it the heart of any sunglass, Christion Dior never compromise safety with style when making her sunglasses lenses, the same goes with Technologic TVCAF. Dior Technologic Sunglasses have an aviator shaped lenses sized enough to offer full coverage. Christion Dior Technologic TVCAF sunglasses lenses are mirror tinted which makes the lenses capable of blocking all sorts of sun damaging UV rays, reduce blue light and also cut down sun reflective glare to its very minimum. All this amazing characteristics of Christion Dior Technologic make it the best choice to enjoy that sunny day.

A lot of work goes into creating a sunglass frame that will compliment as many faces, the Dior Technologic Sunglasses features a futuristic open worked frame that transform an aviator look of the sunglasses to Dior very own Pantos shape. The frames are fashioned from polished toned metal; the metal is slim enough to give the frame light weight and make it comfortable to wear. Christion Dior Technologic TVCAF sunglasses have aviator silhouette look transformed into pantos shape with the open worked Extended brow bar which give the sunglasses that sophisticated style that tends to compliment most faces. The Technologic TVCAF sunglasses is equipped with nice silicon adjustable nose pad that offer not just perfect fit but also increase wearing comfort. Just when you think there is no more surprise on Christion Dior Technologic sunglasses design, they throw in a Matte Dark Blue White temples in Technologic TVCAF; a temple design known for its non slipping property. The temples have looped metal detail at the tip; Dior style of blending the temples design with the open worked frame. The Technologic TVCAF sunglasses have Christion Dior “CD” logo printed at the hinge and “© Christion Dior” imprinted on the temple inner section to assure authenticity.

Elegant look with slim design, Christion Dior Technologic sunglasses is not just a sunglass; it is a perfect sunglass. With its slender metal material that give it a comfortable light weight, a mirrored tint lenses that offer the best eye protection you need and matte temples with awesome design twist. Every detail makes this sunglass perfect for all occasion. 100% Authentic Christion Dior Technologic TVCAF sunglasses are available now, safe and secure at www.eyeheartshades.com at the price offer you can’t get anywhere else. Just so you know, Dior Technologic TVCAF sunglasses package include; Dior Box, Dior Carrying Case, Dior Cloth, Dior Booklet and Dior Technologic sunglasses. Enjoy the outdoors in style with Christion Dior Technologic sunglasses, the one build specially for you.

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July 27, 2016

Dior Sight 1 K4X96 Black Crystal Black Mirrored Sunglasses

Christion Dior Sight 1 are more than great sunglasses_ they are perfect. Another iconic sunglasses model in the house of Dior, highly quality with the frames fashioned from high quality acetate and metal, put together to hold Dior very own super cool lenses that not only shield your eye but also offer the best vision ever.

The house of Dior never stop making sure you are getting the best and the right design to match your style, with Dior sunglasses there is always a design, color or lenses that will go well with your personality. Dior Sight 1 Sunglasses is one of a kind, featuring the legendary Cat Eye frame style, as always; simple but classic. The Cat Eye frame style are known and popular for one thing_ they have a great wearable shape that tends to suits many faces. Sight 1 K4X96 Sunglasses are just perfect for all occasion; both personal and professional because of its simple shape_ not too cocky to scream out but no less glamour.

Speaking of Christion Dior Sight 1 K4X96 sunglasses frame, the frames are made from quality acetate and fine polished metal. The sunglasses feature a full rim lenses frame style made from clear tone acetate and black acetate goes half way the frame and overlaid at the top front of the clear frame which gives the frame that elegant look. The frame is then touched up with a polished gold tone metal rim that go round the Sight 1 K4X96 sunglasses lenses. The metal rim is more prominent at the lens base and slender at the top this kind of make the lenses color pop and at the same blend well with the frame design. Dior Sight 1 sunglasses have a transparent nose guards that create perfect fit. Christion Dior finish the frame with her Logo etched at the temples (close to the hinge) and “© Christion Dior” imprinted on the temple inner section to assure authenticity.

Of course, a good frame deserve an awesome lenses, Christion Dior make sure of that by giving Sight 1 K4X96 sunglasses cool light grey and silver mirrored lenses. We all know what that means; more protection as mirrored lenses tend to reduce to minimum sun reflective glare and enhances you vision in any light condition. The lenses on Dior Sight 1 are also gradient tinted which also make it thr best option for that sunny day as it protect your eye from all sorts of UV ray while offering a more comfortable vision over a long distance.

Extra wearing comfort with its light weight frame material and awesome lenses. 100% Authentic Christion Dior Sight 1 K4X96 sunglasses are available now, safe and secure at www.eyeheartshades.com at the price offer you can’t get anywhere else. Just so you know, Dior Sight 1 K4X96 sunglasses package include; Dior Box, Dior Carrying Case, Dior Cloth, Dior Booklet and Dior Sight 1 K4X96 sunglasses. Go in for the Dior’s experience, get your Dior sunglasses now.


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July 22, 2016

Maui Jim Sunshine MJ 725-62 Marsala Tokyo Tortoise Polarized Sunglasses

Maui Jim stuns the public by dishing out a fantabulous full rim sunglass ‘The Maui Jim Sunshine, MJ HS725-62’. This beauty is a unisex model made up of Acetate, having an utterly fashionable pattern and style, it has Maui Jim’s logo bedded on the arms and has a cozy round look with an elegant (but lightweight) bridge and two nose big nose pads which are a sensational lap for your nose, without leaving any signs afterwards.

This model is perfect for those who exclusively work in fashion industry and walk on ramps or models that shoot in the outdoors, to be particular (but as we say every time, that anyone can put this on and no one would ever feel bad to have bought it.)

This model has comparatively wider legs and thus has a prominent logo on the edge which is pretty good for the brand conscious people out there, plus it also saves your eyes from the incoming rays from sides. However, it does not come with several color options as the preset tradition of Maui Jim – in fact, it as a regular elegant style bronze colored catchy lenses and Marsala with Tokyo Turquoise overall frame – what a great blend, you would feel like a cheetah running on the ramp (jokes apart!).  

MJ HS725-62 is a pretty durable and concrete kind of product with a super thin lens, it does not break easily and like all other polarized lenses, it dodges the sun very well and enables you to gain confidence in the outdoors while pursuing your endeavors.  

With super polarized lens and a full rim frame, you get to experience the World from a different view and sensation while maintaining no contact between your eyes and the sun. The built does not allow light to penetrate through to your eyes and harm your sight by any means. Its 3 point touch is also great as it does not create a messy feeling on your head and touches your upper self from only the nose and two adjacent legs.

Last but not the least, Maui Jim has astonished the customers by squeezing out this very model, MJ has dispensed the unparalleled feeling once again. The model has been nourished in Japan.

Like many other models of ours, (we hold the privilege) that many doctors prescribe our model to be used whenever you are in outdoors to protect your eyes from the harmful rays and to give your nose a comfortable feeling of nesting this ‘cheetah’.


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Glasses Size Guide

If you already own a pair of glasses and they fit you well, you could check the ones you have to see a rough idea of the size you are needing or if you saw something in a store you liked, just write down the size if it fit you well.

Usually, the size is written in 3 consecutive numbers, the first 2 numbers are 2 digits and the last a 3 digit number, this is usually on the inside of the temples, like this 58-16-145

All measurements are in millimeters. It only has the numbers on the frames, but it'll be like this 58mm-16mm-145mm

The first number is always the eye size (width of one lens) so the lens size would be 58mm

The second is the bridge (nose part) width, so the bridge would be 16mm

The third is the temple length, this is the total length if it were straighten out, as all glasses are bent near the end to wrap around your ear. So the temple length is 145mm