Maui Jim Hang Ten MJ 296-20A & MJ 296-02F Sunglasses

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Maui Jim Hang Ten sunglasses are design to complete any style and give you that elegant look you need. Another sunglasses collection from the house of Maui Jim, the Maui Jim Hang Ten 10 MJ 296-20A and Maui Jim Hang Ten 10 MJ 296-02F features full rim frame and double nose bridge which gives the sunglasses a strong appearance. The Maui Jim Hang Ten sunglasses are made comfortable to wear with the adjustable nose pad and the light weight acetate and monel metal frame material used in crafting the frame.

Has they say, lens is the heart of sunglasses_ because it’s the lens that differentiate ordinary eye frames from sunglasses. Maui Jim make sure its Hang Ten sunglasses carries the best lenses to face any light condition out there. Hang Ten sunglasses lenses are made polarized using the Polarized Plus 2 technology, which cut down glare to the minimum. Using the latest patented lens technology to make the lenses on Hang Ten 10 sunglasses series, the sunglasses offer the best clarity and vision comfort in any outdoor light condition. The sunglasses lenses also features the new multi-layer lens design which protect the eye from all sorts of UV rays and blue light, making Maui Jim Hang Ten 10 MJ 296-20A and Maui Jim Hang Ten 10 MJ 296-02F sunglasses suitable for any occasions like those sunny days outside, hiking, fishing or a day at the beach.

Maui Jim Hang Ten sunglasses frame is made perfect, the frame front is made from thin Monel metals that wraps around the lenses and join an acetate frame material on the lens top. The sunglasses frame has a double nose bridge and a functioning adjustable nose pads that makes it balance well on any face. Maui Jim Hang Ten temples are made from high gloss acetate material; the temples are well- structured with nice wave texture on the inner pert of the temples. Maui Jim Hang Ten have the Maui Jim signature printing on the temples inner part and “Maui Jim” metal logo on both temples for authenticity.

Maui Jim Hang Ten 10 MJ 296-20A and Maui Jim Hang Ten 10 MJ 296-02F sunglasses are built to serve your eyes and match your style. With the frame made from high quality acetate material and monel metal, which give the sunglasses the light weight that offer all day wearing comfort and the adjustable node pads the offer a tailored fit wearing comfort. The Hang Ten 10 MJ 296-20A have a Bronze frame colore, blended with HCL Bronze color lenses while Maui Jim Hang Ten 10 MJ 296-02F sunglasses have a Gunmetal frame Color with Neutral Gray Lens Color_ design to match your image. Maui Jim Hang Ten sunglasses are available for purchase at www.eyeheartshades.com with 100% Authenticity guaranteed and at amazing price offer. All your Maui Jim Hang Ten sunglasses purchases comes with authentic accessories like; Maui Jim Case, Maui Jim Cleaning Cloth, Maui Jim Booklet, Maui Jim Hang Ten Sunglasses.
Glasses Size Guide

If you already own a pair of glasses and they fit you well, you could check the ones you have to see a rough idea of the size you are needing or if you saw something in a store you liked, just write down the size if it fit you well.

Usually, the size is written in 3 consecutive numbers, the first 2 numbers are 2 digits and the last a 3 digit number, this is usually on the inside of the temples, like this 58-16-145

All measurements are in millimeters. It only has the numbers on the frames, but it'll be like this 58mm-16mm-145mm

The first number is always the eye size (width of one lens) so the lens size would be 58mm

The second is the bridge (nose part) width, so the bridge would be 16mm

The third is the temple length, this is the total length if it were straighten out, as all glasses are bent near the end to wrap around your ear. So the temple length is 145mm