Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples is an eyeglass brand founded in West Hollywood, California in 1987 by Ken Schwartz and Larry Leight. Their close attention to detail on each of their hand crafted frames, brought the company much success in less than a year. The quality of Oliver Peoples frame are some of the highest quality frames you will come across. From the materials to the hinges, everything is made to last through constant everyday factors that a frame will go through.

Oliver Peoples is known to be worn by many famous actors during T.V. shows. For example a common reference is the main role of Michael Westen from the T.V. series burn notice constantly wears Oliver Peoples sunglasses, especially the Victory line with Cognac colored lenses. He wears these throughout every season of the show.

Luxottica purchased Oliver Peoples for $46.7 million but still continued to hand craft their frames with the same excellent craftmanship as before.

Glasses Size Guide

If you already own a pair of glasses and they fit you well, you could check the ones you have to see a rough idea of the size you are needing or if you saw something in a store you liked, just write down the size if it fit you well.

Usually, the size is written in 3 consecutive numbers, the first 2 numbers are 2 digits and the last a 3 digit number, this is usually on the inside of the temples, like this 58-16-145

All measurements are in millimeters. It only has the numbers on the frames, but it'll be like this 58mm-16mm-145mm

The first number is always the eye size (width of one lens) so the lens size would be 58mm

The second is the bridge (nose part) width, so the bridge would be 16mm

The third is the temple length, this is the total length if it were straighten out, as all glasses are bent near the end to wrap around your ear. So the temple length is 145mm