Oliver Peoples OV 5004 Riley R 1005 Black Eyeglasses

OV 5004 1005

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Features of the Oliver Peoples Riley R Eyeglasses

  • Oliver peoples hand crafted frames insures frames that last
  • Great for both casual or professional use, great for any occasion

Oliver Peoples OV 5004 Product Details

  • Brand Name : Oliver Peoples
  • Model Number : OV 5004
  • Model Name : Riley R
  • Color Code : 1005
  • Frame Color : Black
  • Lens Color : Clear "Demo"
  • Gender : Mens
  • Size : 45mm-20mm-140mm or 47mm-20mm-145mm
  • Origin : Made in Italy

Package Contents for Oliver Peoples OV 5004

  • Oliver Peoples OV 5004 Riley R Eyeglasses
  • Oliver Peoples Case
  • Oliver Peoples Cleaning Cloth
  • Oliver Peoples Booklet

About Oliver Peoples Eyeglasses

Oliver Peoples eyeglasses are high quality and handcrafted, The wide variety of hand crafted styles to choose from are endless! From professional use to casual use Oliver Peoples eyeglasses will have the style to fit anyone's needs! Oliver peoples eyewear is made to last, so if you buy a pair of these frames you will not regret the decision, as they are built strong and sturdy to make sure you get top quality for your dollar. Movie stars use these to start trends worldwide and to complete their look for movies and for their every day lives.

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    Usually, the size is written in 3 consecutive numbers, the first 2 numbers are 2 digits and the last a 3 digit number, this is usually on the inside of the temples, like this 58-16-145

    All measurements are in millimeters. It only has the numbers on the frames, but it'll be like this 58mm-16mm-145mm

    The first number is always the eye size (width of one lens) so the lens size would be 58mm

    The second is the bridge (nose part) width, so the bridge would be 16mm

    The third is the temple length, this is the total length if it were straighten out, as all glasses are bent near the end to wrap around your ear. So the temple length is 145mm